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Smartbnb has added a user management feature to its website [Credit: Smartbnb]

Smartbnb adds user management feature to website

Worldwide: Short-term rental guest experience solution Smartbnb has launched its latest User Management feature.

The purpose of User Management is to give users maximum flexibility in involving their team and colleagues in the running of their listings.

The feature, which can be found under account settings, allows a user to add additional users to their account by filling out their name, email address, and selecting the permissions they wish to grant for the user.

Permission levels can be ‘full’ (they see the same as the user) or ‘custom’, where the user chooses the features and properties that the additional user can see when they log in.

The feature comes at no extra cost to the user or the added users.

User Management is intended for the following scenarios:

  • Sharing up-to-date calendars with cleaning teams

Users can add members of their team as additional users with restricted access to just the calendar feature. They also have the option to hide the financial data from the calendar so that only the most relevant information (number of guests, check-in/out times) will be visible for the added users.

  • Adding value to property owners

Users can now invite each owner and customise their access so it is restricted to their own properties only. They will also be able to add ‘Metrics’ to their access and access a comprehensive analytics system on offer.

  • Sharing your account with your co-host

Many Smartbnb users have co-hosts help them manage their listings. 

Users can now share their Smartbnb account with their team, meaning there is no more need for the co-host to have an independent Smartbnb account to manage their listing. They can manage the communication straight from their account with no need to connect their Airbnb account independently to Smartbnb.

  • Preventing mistakes on accounts

If members of the team help the user to manage their inbox, the user can remove their access to Guest Experience, which will prevent them from accidentally editing or deleting any rules they have set up.

For more information, visit the Smartbnb website here.

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