StayList is collaborating with Vietnamese rental site Luxstay [Credit: StayList]

StayList collaborates with Vietnamese site Luxstay

Asia: Vacation rental bulk search service StayList has officially launched versions of its platform in Vietnamese and Thai, and begun a system collaboration with Vietnamese rental site Luxstay.

When StayList first went live back in February, it was available in four languages: English, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese Mandarin. It primarily catered to travellers from Eastern Asia but it diversified its languages selection into South East Asia in April with the addition of Malay and Indonesian versions.

Meanwhile, in June, the platform began a system collaboration with Taiwanese accommodation booking site AsiaYo.

StayList has been trialling its Thai and Vietnamese versions since July in the hope that it will become accessible to more Asian travellers across the whole continent.

A link to the Vietnamese version is here, and the Thai version can be found here.

Meanwhile, Luxstay is a vacation rental site which aims to offer an abundance of high-class vacation rentals on the Vietnamese domestic market.

The collaboration will enable travellers to search for accommodation on Luxstay via StayList. The languages targeted for this moment in time are English and Vietnamese.

A link to the English version is here, while the Vietnamese version can be found at the link here.

In collaborating with Luxstay, StayList wants to strengthen its inventory and brand in Vietnam and provide more convenient and reliable services to travellers.

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