HotelSwaps expands partnership with ThirdHome
Laguna Larga Lodge Chubut, Argentina

ThirdHome expands partnership with HotelSwaps

Worldwide: 14,000 ThirdHome properties are now listed on the HotelSwaps website, enabling users to book available stays worldwide.

HotelSwaps has partnered with ThirdHome since 2016, providing an exchange programme for luxury privately owned residences.

Up until now, the partnership allowed HotelSwaps’ members to book a limited number of stays within ThirdHome properties. 

Via the new direct reservations link between the HotelSwaps website and ThirdHome, members can book over 14,000 ThirdHome properties worldwide.

Members can use their HotelCoins to book these stays directly from their HotelSwaps account.

HotelSwaps launched as a network for hotel owners and managers to upload unsold room nights online in exchange for points which can be transferred to employees. The aim is to provide an alternative way for hoteliers to retain their staff by rewarding them with free hotel stays.

ThirdHome is a luxury vacation home exchange platform. The company has made a series of recent updates to its platform, including a partnership with global cruise ship community Storylines. ThirdHome members who own luxury second homes also have access to exclusive private residences aboard Storylines’ ship MV Narrative.

The team at ThirdHome also relaunched a partnership with global property network Smiling House late last year. Affluent travellers can now book luxury private homes listed by ThirdHome premier club members via Smiling House.

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