Tuesday 17 Jan [4pm GMT]: New Year New Solutions: The rise of the rentalpreneur

Hosted by STRz editor Paul Stevens

[Sponsored by PriceLabs]

Rentalpreneurship – a portmanteau of ‘rental’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ – is no longer a hobby but also a lifestyle. Since the advent of Airbnb, rentalpreneurs have begun fast-tracking their way to financial independence by renting out a holiday property or their own property empire, to the extent that they are becoming influencers in their own right by educating others to replicate their success. It is already big business and its visibility will rise even more in 2023.


You will learn:

  • What exactly is a ‘rentalpreneur’?
  • Ways in which rentalpreneurs are making money from renting out holiday properties
  • How this new breed of entrepreneurs can scale their portfolios and the challenges they face
  • How rentalpreneurs are helping to educate new hosts / independent property managers
  • What the future looks like – why is 2023 the year of the rentalpreneur?

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