Doinn has introduced its new app for hosts [Credit: Doinn]

Doinn introduces host app in Google and Apple marketplaces

Madrid: Portuguese cleaning and linen rental platform for vacation rentals, Doinn, has launched the latest version of its mobile app for hosts on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store to ensure the processing of its services that are requested in the platform.

The relaunched app, which is now available in nine countries and over 600 cities in Europe and America, aims to redefine how Doinn’s services are made and communicated.

The Doinn mobile app will allow property managers to:

  • Review status of their services online in real time
  • Request for specific tasks within their services e.g. getting the sofa bed ready for two extra guests
  • Get a tracking timing when services start and finish

In addition, the app will act as a channel of communication among the cleaning staff and owners. This enables them to start a conversation during a service and get all parties involved to discuss a specific situation on the property.

As a result, cleaning providers and property managers will have the freedom to access their data anytime and anywhere, while maintaining the privacy of each user.

This feeds into Doinn’s mission to digitise cleaning providers and facilitate the booking of quality and certified services from trusted vendors to property managers and owners.

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