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Doinn expands into Brazil with São Paulo launch

Brazil: Doinn, a software-as-a-service [SaaS] platform catering to teams and companies in the cleaning sector serving the short-term rental industry, has entered the Brazilian market by commencing operations in São Paulo.

The company said that it had been closely monitoring the ever-evolving trends in the short-term rental sector in Brazil.

Noelia Novella, CEO of Doinn, said: “Finally, we believe the industry has reached the right level of maturity for Doinn to bring its unique value and enhance cleaning operations and associated services.”

Doinn is aiming to establish significant partnerships and contribute to the operational efficiency of Brazilian companies in the market, and said that the initial response from cleaning teams and companies in the city of São Paulo had been “exceptional”.

Brazil, with an estimated 425,000 short-term rentals in the market, has witnessed remarkable growth in the sector. In 2022, short-term rentals through platforms generated €4.8 billion [approximately R$24.5 billion] in spending on transportation, shopping, entertainment activities and restaurants – a figure that represents a 31 per cent increase compared to the previous year.

The expansion is also built on the economic impact on services associated with the sector. Guest expenditures on services have driven 115,000 jobs in the country, highlighting Brazil’s potential as a strategic market for innovations like those offered by Doinn.

Novella continued: “We believe that Brazil is not only a growing market but also a conducive environment for our platform and services. We are excited to contribute to the operational efficiency of short-term rental sector businesses in Brazil.”

Founded in 2015, Doinn has already established its presence internationally, such as in various European markets, the United States and Australia. The company sets out to optimise and simplify cleaning operations for teams and companies serving the short-term rental sector.

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