Fülhaus has soft launched its AI Interior Designer [Credit: Fülhaus]

Fülhaus launches AI design platform for furnished real estate

Canada: Fülhaus, a furnishing provider for short-term rental properties, hotels and furnished rental properties, has released an AI Interior Designer within its furniture and decor ordering platform.  

Trained by professional interior designers, the generative AI, called ‘Ludwig’, can parse through millions of items within the Fülhaus marketplace to design an entire room, or unit, in seconds using only an inspiration image.

Fülhaus CEO Andria Santos said: “Airbnb has made it possible for millions of entrepreneurs to invest in real estate. These growing rental property businesses need furniture fast. Ludwig is arguably the world’s fastest interior designer, empowering real estate entrepreneurs to save both time and money.”

Fülhaus’ team of experienced interior designers and procurement experts offer a design-first turnkey furnishing solution, most notably for furnished rental properties looking to compete in a growing industry. For the past three years, the Fülhaus team has been developing its proprietary machine-learning algorithm with the intention of increasing the speed at which it services its clients.

Santos continued: “It is known in the short-term rental industry that good design and good photography can increase revenue by 50 per cent or more. The reality is good design takes time, until now that is.

“Small business owners in the short-term rental industry are stuck ordering from dozens of furniture stores online and often end up with a hodgepodge of styles that don’t match, not to mention quality that doesn’t hold up over time. Our goal is to change the way furniture is sourced and help provide a better guest experience through intentional design,” she added.

There are no subscription fees for ordering with Fülhaus – the app will enable users to design and purchase furniture for a single room for free, or for an entire home for only $99. The flat rate fee unlocks access to ordering from Fülhaus’ furniture vendor network, many of which currently supply the hospitality industry.

Santos said: “Searching for furniture hasn’t changed much since the advent of e-commerce. Ludwig makes it possible to skip the scroll and see things side-by-side, based on your Pinterest board.

“And while we’ve created this platform for property owners, professional and amateur designers alike can take advantage of Ludwig to design, procure and furnish their projects,” she added.

Founded in 2015 by Santos and head of design, Pierce Atkinson, Fülhaus is a Montreal-based design and furnishing platform for furnished real estate across North America. The company offers an AI-powered, interior design and ordering application to simplify furnishing a property, as well as an end-to-end, design, furnishing and installation solution for enterprise hospitality and furnished real estate developers.

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