GuestReady issues rental licence guide for Porto users

Porto: GuestReady has published a short-term rental licence guide for the city of Porto, in light of recent changes to its Alojamento Local (short-term rental) Law.

A fortnight ago, the City Council voted on updated rules and regulations for containment areas within the city, with the Council eventually voting in favour of suspending all registrations of alojamento local permits in ‘conditioned containment areas’ (where there is a pressure level of 50 per cent or more).

Parts of the city considered to be conditioned containment areas include Porto’s historic centre and Bonfim, as well as some of its most popular streets such as Alfândega, Lóios, Mouzinho da Silveira, Flores, Aliados, Santa Catarina and Rua do Almada.

In response, GuestReady city manager Antonio Fragateiro said: “To help property investors, managers and homeowners prepare for the new regulations, we put together an Essential Guide to getting an Alojamento Local permit in Porto.”

The short-term rental guide takes the user through each step to getting their alojamento local permit; from registering with the Finanças (tax authority) to registering an alojamento local at the Balcão do Empreendedor. The guide further helps property managers and homeowners to meet all general health and safety requirements to ensure they pass regular governmental audits.

The council emphasised that it was not trying to create a containment area with the aim to forbid short-term rentals in Porto but to spread the offering of rentals across the city. For that reason, the council subdivided Porto’s containment area into three categories.

1. Conditioned containment area

50 per cent pressure level of short-term rentals in this area: The council voted for a suspension to stop any further permits being granted in this area for six months or until the new regulations are finalised. Once the suspension is lifted, new short-term rental permits for this area will be valid for two years.

2. Areas of preventative containment

37-50 per cent pressure level of short-term rentals in this area: Permits granted for this area will be valid for four years.

3. Areas of contingent containment

25-37.5 per cent pressure level of short-term rentals in this area: Permits for this area will be valid for six years or more.

GuestReady offers white glove short-term rental property management services that turn vacant residential properties into thriving listings on booking platforms. The company helps property owners to stay compliant with local housing regulations and to deliver services that exceed guest’s expectations.

As well as housekeeping and guest check-in, GuestReady’s set of services helps property owners to ensure their asset stays in shape, is well maintained, and continuously delivers the maximum return on their investment.

The popularity of the short-term rental market has skyrocketed in the last few years with the introduction of booking sites such as Airbnb and A new containment area is a response to the changing market landscape to ensure the future preservation of Porto’s city centre.

The Essential Guide for Alojamento Local permit applicants for the Porto area is available here in both Portuguese and English.

For more information about GuestReady, visit the website here.