ICARE Group announces international expansion plans

France: Paris-based startup ICARE Group, which aims to “revolutionise” seasonal property rentals, has announced the launch of its new ORION software for property managers as it prepares to scale internationally.

Available from mid-October, ORION is a tool dedicated to short-term rental property managers and real estate agencies, bringing together the management of services including guest check-in / check-out procedures, key handovers, cleaning and household linen provision all within one single tool.

Ahead of an upcoming fundraising round that is planned for the beginning of 2023, the French startup is aiming to provide a global “all-in-one” solution by simplifying the management and logistics of rental properties for all professionals in the sector.

ICARE Group has outlined its plans to expand into new territories such as Spain and the UK by the end of the year and the United States in 2023, as well as to grow its team which currently consists of 15 employees.

Jean-Baptiste Dhuiege, founder and CEO of ICARE Group, said: “The holiday rental sector is changing. The demand for rental accommodation is exploding and the expectations of guests are ever increasing and this is true all over the world.

“For professionals, it is becoming essential to be up to the task, therefore, ICARE Group’s mission is to simplify the daily life of property managers. The value proposition is to increase the quality of the services provided, the satisfaction of guests and therefore of owners,” he added.

ORION is designed to centralise communications with service providers, interventions, follow-up requests and invoices all in one software to manage housekeeping services effectively and efficiently.

Having first developed the ORION software and its R-LOGINET marketplace in 2020 to connect property managers with professional service providers, ICARE Group is set to launch both worldwide later this year following two years of research and development [€1 million of investment in R&D] and feedback from users.