Minut announces partnership with Hostfully

Worldwide: Property tech company Minut has partnered with property management system Hostfully to make noise management easier for hosts and managers all over the world.

The integration with Hostfully is designed to help customers resolve noise issues quickly and effectively while minimising time and resources required, as well as to make communication with guests more efficient.

Minut offers a range of monitoring features that help hosts and property managers care for their rentals remotely, with noise monitoring being the most popular. In addition to tracking sound levels, Minut also provides automations that help enhance guest experience and resolve noise issues when they arise.

When connecting one’s Minut account with Hostfully, booking information will sync automatically, saving property managers precious time and potential errors involved in manually entering guest information.

Minut’s Guest Connect feature can text and / or call guests when the company detects noise. It can also send scheduled check-in and check-out messages to guests.

Integrating with Hostfully will ensure that Minut has the right contact details for the guests at all times – without any effort required from the host or their team.

Nils Mattisson, co-founder and CEO of Minut, said: “To ease the day-to-day operations for hosts and property managers is at the heart of what we do at Minut. By partnering with Hostfully, we can make sure that hosts and property managers spend less time doing the manual work and more time caring for their guests and growing their businesses.”

Hostfully co-founder and CEO, Margot Schmorak, said: “At Hostfully, we are constantly improving our property management platform to help vacation rental owners scale operations. With our new Minut integration, we are able to offer our managers peace of mind with noise monitoring and guest communication features.

“This not only reduces the need for labour intensive and repetitive tasks, but also helps managers and owners keep a pulse on their most important physical assets – their vacation homes,” she added.

The integration is now live, and can be enabled via Minut’s web app.

Last week, Minut announced a collaboration with Airbnb to launch a number of measures to support hosts and guests in the Czech capital city of Prague. The two companies have introduced a six-month noise detector pilot programme for hosts and Airbnb will provide guests with a dedicated ‘Good Neighbour Guide’ for visits to Prague.