Minut has integrated with Nuki

Minut integrates with Nuki to ensure effortless check-ins

Sweden / Austria: Property monitoring company Minut has announced an integration with smart access solution provider Nuki Home Solutions to make contactless check-ins more efficient.

By partnering, the companies aim to save up to 100 hours per year in property managers’, owners’ and hosts’ time by making it easier to share the entry code with their guests.

Check-ins have always been one of the most time-consuming processes in the short-term rental industry, and for this reason, smart locks have become something of an industry standard in the past few years, offering a better check-in experience for both hosts and guests.

​The partnership will allow Minut to extend its monitoring and automated communication solutions to Nuki’s vast host base.

Flexibility for guests, efficiency for hosts
Contactless check-ins allow guests more flexibility than a traditional check-in experience.
For hosts, contactless check-ins mean no waiting around for guests, with no need to even go to the rental property. It also saves both money and time, and depending on the business itself, hosts and owners could save around 100 hours per year if they have eight stays per month on average, according to Minut.
Making contactless check-ins even smoother
The Minut + Nuki integration is furthermore designed to save time by automating communication with guests, particularly when it comes to text communication, providing clear entry instructions ahead of the stay and timing the messages right. Minut says it now helps hosts and owners schedule their messages, including fetching the right entry code from Nuki.
When hosts and owners integrate their Minut and Nuki accounts, Minut will automatically sync lock codes from Nuki [as long as they have the Nuki keypad – part of the Nuki 3.0 SET that is on offer for hosts on Airbnb]. As such, they will not have to update guest details in Nuki’s system, and if they are already in the Minut system, Minut will be able to contact guests directly to send them check-in instructions and the entry code.
The result is providing more consistent, professional and efficient communication, as​ hosts and owners will not have to keep copying and pasting the same messages or enter guest data twice [in both the Minut and Nuki apps].

In March, Minut closed a $14 million Series B funding round, and last month, the company revealed the results of its noise detector pilot programme carried out in partnership with Airbnb in Prague in Czechia.

Meanwhile, Nuki secured more than €20 million in a financing round last August to expand its market leadership in Europe.

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