Smiling House Luxury and THIRDHOME have relaunched their partnership [Credit: Smiling House]

THIRDHOME and Smiling House relaunch luxury partnership

US / Switzerland: Vacation home exchange club THIRDHOME and global property network Smiling House Luxury have announced a relaunch of their partnership to invite luxury property owners and adventure seekers to a “new way of travel”.

Through the initiative, the two companies – which operate in the high-end travel and real estate market – are promising to bring added value to homeowners, investors and guests as demand for getaways, luxury ‘workations’ and monetary return on second homes increases.

Based in North America and Europe, THIRDHOME cultivates an exclusive community of trusted second homeowners, renters and adventurers alike, who are “passionate about remarkable destinations and experiences”.

Its premier club invites members to make use of their second home [by offering a few weeks of unused time], opening doors to a range of other luxury properties for experience-led guests.

Founded on the principles of “exceptional hospitality and high standards”, Smiling House Luxury operates a network of luxury private properties around the world.

Smiling House’s network has been specifically created to connect affluent travellers with unique vacation rental experiences and accommodations, including chalets, villas, mansions and castles, around the world, in locations such as Greece and the Swiss Alps.

The company is seeking to redefine luxury through the alliance [made up of global hosts and homeowners who rent out their properties all year round], including building a ‘real estate division’ and offering a portfolio of luxury properties on sale for its high-end clients, while supporting them throughout the process.

Niki Christian Nutsch, vice president for the EMEA region at THIRDHOME, said: “We thought it was the ideal time to relaunch our rentals platform and prepare for the increasing rise and interest in travel. It’s important to ensure that all homes across THIRDHOME Rentals meet the same quality standards as THIRDHOME Exchange, which is why we are collaborating exclusively with trusted partners such as Smiling House Luxury.

“The rentals division further enhances our exchange program, giving our members and partners more ways to leverage their real estate assets,” he added.

Moriya Rockman, co-founder of Smiling House Luxury, said: “The relaunch of this exciting partnership ticks all the boxes for Smiling House Luxury, THIRDHOME and most importantly, our valued clientele. THIRDHOME’s premier club members are exactly the type of people we look to serve at Smiling House Luxury.

“They’re homeowners with a notable taste for outstanding accommodation [be it chalets, villas or castles], seekers of a ‘high quality’ lifestyle, and they desire to travel frequently. With this in mind, the partnership between THIRDHOME and Smiling House Luxury is the perfect fit.

“THIRDHOME shares our philosophies of exceptional hospitality, unforgettable travel experiences and the real meaning of ‘luxury’ – so we are delighted to be announcing this news, at last!

“Contributing to the ongoing evolution of the travel landscape is certainly a proud moment for us at Smiling House. We’d like to thank THIRDHOME for all they’ve done for the industry so far, and look forward to working with them. Here’s to a new world of luxury travel,” she added.

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