Minut has integrated with Hostify

Minut and Hostify announce integration

Sweden / US: Property monitoring company Minut has announced its integration with short-term / vacation rental property management system Hostify.

The integration will allow Minut to automatically sync booking information from Hostify, making automated guest communication and noise resolution features even smarter and more efficient. At the same time, it is designed to save time and resources for hosts, property owners and managers, and keep rental properties safe in the process.

Using its Guest Connect feature, Minut can text guests or give them an automated phone call every time it detects noise. This way, the host, owner or manager does not need to be on call 24/7 to monitor noise notifications coming in.

Minut’s research shows that 94 per cent of issues get solved with just one reminder to the guest, meaning automating reminders can effectively automate noise resolution.

So far in 2022, the company has integrated or partnered with smart access solution provider Nuki Home Solutions, software company Tokeet, vacation rental management solution Your.Rentals, global digital trust platform SUPERHOG and open software platform apaleo.

In March, Minut also closed a $14 million Series B funding round to fuel its rapid growth and global expansion plans.

Meanwhile, Hostify has sought to create a property management platform that allows professionals to handle every aspect of their day-to-day operations since 2017.

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